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Depression is not a Disease but an Indication that Human Consciousness needs to Change

Robin Williams

What Dreams May Come-Robin Williams  RIP

After hearing the sad news of Robin Williams and his suspected suicide, I am really tired of hearing some people refer to depression as a ‘disease’. It is not a disease, but more chemical and emotional imbalance of the brain, normally affected by long-term stress, deep trauma or grief, for some it is difficult to diagnose the root cause. Here is a good article written by Dr John Grohol on defining Depression for those of you that are insistent on calling it a ”disease”.

 Furthermore,  should it really be referred to as a ‘mental illness’ either? Through my research and personal experiences, depression is an understandable psychological reaction to the stress and violent deformities of the modern world.

I have tried a number of conventional and non-conventional methods to treat my own depression and I feel the most valuable activities are spending time in nature or in the company of animals, rather than people, writing and creating and being as honest with one’s self and others as possible.

Obviously, getting to the root of possible triggers and root issues such as recovering from anger, trauma, grief are examples that are the root cause of the problem. Diseases like cancer or diabetes are not cured in this way.

 People whom suffer from depression are usually highly aware and sensitive folk that are creatively gifted  or perceptive in some way. As a result they are people that find it difficult to feel normal in a society that places value on things that are leading humanity and the environment to destruction. People that suffer from depression find it difficult to connect with others on a personal level and mostly they are simply overwhelmed and disheartened by the amount of injustice, destruction, greed, cruelty and abuse that goes on in an increasingly hostile world.

A number of other environmental scientists such as Dr Stephan Harding, a deep ecologist like myself, see the value in needing to restore our lost connection with Earth and understand that we are all part of one greater consciousness. Deep Ecologists will tell you that there is something wrong with you if you are not profoundly saddened or depressed by the state of things at the moment. We are living in the sixth greatest mass extinction, we are killing off the last of the dolphins, whales, tigers, great apes, elephants, rhinos, insects, bees,  amphibians, destroying the oceans, ripping apart the last of the Rainforests and indigenous people, we are seeing the largest scale ecocides and genocides.  The amount of torture and abuse that our fellow creatures suffer at our hands is just overwhelming, let alone the killing, torturing, abusing and trafficking of women and children en mass worldwide, innocent victims of insane wars, exploitation and slavery.

It is important to understand the psychological impact of the current ensuing chaos worldwide, as we now also have the internet and technologies that bring such information into our awareness. Some of the emotions we feel with depression are a collective conscious reaction to this daily violence and exploitation, along with grieving our severed connection with mother earth and our lost ancient knowledge of whom we are and where we have come from. The ill-usion of separation has created a very ill world. Anyone that is not affected by this should go into therapy and be diagnosed as mentally ill, not those of us that are acutely aware of what is unfolding around us.

We have been made to feel nothing more than commodities, whom need to be obedient and our only value is as consumers and as obliging wage slaves, whose taxes go to destructive exploits. Our human rights are being fast eroded and many of us cannot even imagine a different world.  It is a challenge to imagine that we can rise above these lower vibrations. There are still ways we can become self empowered sovereign beings. There are ways we can create a more harmonious and sustainable world without predatory imperialism and it’s destructive force that has driven this rise in depression and suicide worldwide, even among those regarded as the most privileged. This is an obvious testimony among those of us that are empathic and compassionate beings, that humanity needs to change.

We must begin to learn our value as human beings, as part of a larger global community that is working towards change in the midst of all this chaos. We can begin to reclaim our connection with earth in various ways through growing food communally, rebuilding and re-inventing new communities and a transparency in our relationships, in  government institutions, in society. Teaching and establishing new value systems in societies and communities, with emphasis on  the value and practice of unconditional love, kindness and acceptance, rather than status, idealised perfection and elitism, which are all forms of violence and repression on the human psyche.

I personally draw a lot of strength from the work of Jeff Foster and Matt Licata, Jeff Foster has an interesting explanation of depression being a sign of needing Deep Rest from it all. Being someone in need of deep rest myself  after working for ten years in environmental conservation,I can vouch for this. However, current society would rather say there is something wrong with people like us, than admit that society itself is malfunctioning, not serving humanity but serving an elite few and there it is corrupt to the core. It is modern society that needs to be treated for mental illness, especially the psychopaths and paedophiles holding power in government, religious institutions and monarchy.

Accepting our humanity is key in healing, accepting it is okay to feel broken, deep sadness and the spectrum of emotions that bring us the gifts of questions and answers in the form of truth. It is time for humanity to question its actions upon earth and ourselves. It is  time to be totally honest and say ‘fuck it’, I need to allow myself to fall apart into the dark hollow and just allow these emotions to flow through, to just be free to feel what comes through, it’s not normal to keep marching on while a war on consciousness is ensuing, the pressures from others, from society which is dictating more and more how people should conform and not make their own choices.

The subtle violence of what society calls normality is disturbing enough and so is what is expected of people to conform in such an environment. Enough to drive someone with depression, to suicide, because they see it as the only means of relief and peace out of an unpeaceful world that currently denies most people their humanity.

I have lost several good friends to suicide and I understand how it feels to be that despaired. However, I am fortunate enough to be constantly reminded of the love surrounding me and so I try to pull through best I can even at the worst times, so as to stay here for those that love me and it’s not easy to do at times. Being as honest with one’s self and others as possible is important,  we are not robots, we are not machines. Being in nature, being creative, painting, writing, singing, making things, developing projects that contribute to a better and more harmonious world, playing music, getting involved in a community project, doing something that aids deep relaxation, meditation or trance, banging a drum, all can help bring us more into the moment and reconnect us with the joy that comes from just being.

 Reaching out as much as possible to friends and family, without feeling humiliated or the stigma that is carried with the label ‘depression’ and the negative phrases that go with it, mental illness, mental disease. Krishnamurti was right “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Inner work is really important for all of us, not just those of us suffering from depression, but those of us suffering from denial also.

by  C.Shaw

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Exploring Consciousness & Changing Human Awareness for Ecological Harmony. By Carlita Shaw


Art work Amazon Speaking by Carlita Shaw 2012,

Art work Amazon Speaking by Carlita Shaw 2012,

Deep Ecology or Gaia Consciousness is the Ecology of our internal emotional and mental state and how this is creating our external environment. Do you have a deep unrest? A feeling of being unfulfilled, deepening apathy, depression, loss, anxiety and despair. Perhaps this is rooted society’s belief that we are separate from nature? It is understandable considering the current world situation. Anyone that is not deeply saddened by current global events are either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. Many of us are going through different stages of this not realizing these are symptoms of the collective consciousness, a reaction to the world in its current state. We may think that these feelings of frustration, anger, grief and depression are a reflection of personal problems but they are not, the bigger picture is that these symptoms are indications that something is deeply wrong with modern society. The toxicity and predatory nature of modern capitalism has created these symptoms in our collective unconscious.

Wellness & Sustainability has become increasingly important to many of us, and our rights to this are being rapidly eroded by predatory capitalism. We are our environment, therefore healing ourselves and creating inner peace creates outer peace for the planet, this concept has arisen out of our realization we need to re-create a cohesion between Human Wellness & Earth Wellness, basically human ecology is intrinsically connected to the Earth’s Ecology. This is the Ecology of Reclaiming our Connection not only with Earth but with the Cosmos and Universal Consciousness. We can no longer compartmentalize the healing work that lay within the human psyche as separate to healing nature or healing the human being. We must unite both areas of healing, the outward pollution of our planet is a mere reflection of the inner pollution of human consciousness.

Jose Arguilles said ”that it is not earth that needs saving, it’s humanity that needs to save itself from itself.”

Intergrating ecological economics and sustainability into education, politics and society is part of this solution. We now must seek equilibrium inside. Ecological devastation and human devastation are two sides of the same global disease, which can only be correctly understood and overcome by being viewed as parts of a whole ecology of living that has been functioning out of balance and now seeks equilibrium, if we are to survive with the planet. We must now seek equilibrium inside.

”Repression of the ecological unconscious is the deepest root of many of the psychological, social, ecological, spiritual, and physical problems in contemporary industrial society. Ecocidal policies do not only attack and devastate ‘external’ nature but our ‘internal’ natures as well. This is why deep ecology is about ‘Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind”- Theodore Roszak

Deep Ecology and Ecopsychology are ways to explore the essence of the anger and grief that many of us are feeling with the destruction that our predatory capitalistic society is causing. By embracing a more sustainable and ecological life we create self empowerment, confidence, self nurturing, inner nourishment and inner peace. The ecological unconscious where our natural feelings of connection to the world of nature and other organisms rest, are connected to what the biologist E.O. Wilson calls ‘biophilia’.

James Lovelock used to work for NASA and during the 1960s started working on the Gaia Hypothesis, this showed scientifically and ecologically that Earth is an organism made up of ecological units that act synchronistically to create this super organism, we all affect the super organism anthropogenically and via our inner consciousness.

Video of plant communication experiment

Dr. Ashok Khosla president of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has taken this study a step further to bring peoples attention to how deeply intrinsically human consciousness affects all life on this planet with scientific experiments on plants.

Consciousness is an ecological issue because we need to evolve human consciousness to understand that all life on earth has a consciousness, just as powerful as our own and we all share this connection.

How does the electro-magnetic plant device work? Based upon a device originally developed by Volney Mathison back in the 1940’s, it works by using a wheatstone bridge, which is an incredibly sensitive circuit that can detect the slightest change – in this case, electrical resistance. Like others before them, Esperide and Formica are measuring the minute resistance of electrical currents within plants and trees. These currents are one-one millionth of an electrical volt. (All living organisms, whether mammals, amphibians, or plants, have electrical currents running through them. In humans, the brain communicates through the nervous system to control organs, limbs, sight, etc, using weak electrical charges.) As recounted by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in their 1973 book ”The Secret Life of Plants”, several different scientists had conducted such experiments-

”You connect two receivers, one to the root of the plant and the second to a leaf. They then connect the meter to a trigger, a voltage-controlled synthesizer or similar midi device. The change in the plant’s electrical resistance controls the pitch, volume and filtering.

Research has found that the plants react depending upon their surroundings. Light, water, sound, and even emotional energy within a room all cause significant alterations to the plant’s electrical current. As Dr Ashok Khosla, explains in the video, each plant also has its own unique sound, or its own song, and in turn reacts to the sounds it is creating. They even respond to how you treat them.

Norman Lederman was the true pioneer of this device putting on the world’s first live plant concert in quadrophonic sound, at the Kreeger Music Building’s McDonald Recital Hall back on April 17th, 1974. (Link

All Life is a Web of Interconnected Electro Magnetic Energy Fields

The Heart Math Institute has shown how the human heart and brain act as radio transmitters and receivers affecting and being affected by other energy fields, we emit a large toroidal energy field generated from our heart beating and we are affected by Electro Magnetic Energy of the synthetic and organic kind, everything is made up of electromagnetic energy and everything generates an electromagnetic field. We are even affected by synthetic electromagnetic energy given out by mobile phone towers and satellite systems, it has been shown in recent scientific studies that the cells of plants and trees are negatively affected by signals from mobile phones and phone towers . The electromagnetic waves of present communication systems are affecting wildlife in many detrimental ways, including the navigational abilities of birds and bees,

When we look at how everything alive has an intelligent consciousness flowing through it, we can start to embrace deep ecology and discover we need to reconnect with the earth, with ancient indigenous concepts we can begin to heal the more fundamental alienation between our lost connection with the natural environment and our ancient tribal knowledge. We as humans can re-establish this relationship with nature and cosmos are one being, not separate entities, this is a true form of spiritual rebirth.

Deep Ecology concepts are the re-evaluation of certain modern concepts born from our belief we are separate from nature, we have become so disconnected we feel we have a right to dominant and rape the earth and as if we are alien to it, this is where we need to heal the masculine energies and merge then with the insights of the ancient and lost sacred feminine energies In addition to seeing Earth as a consciousness made up of ecological units that make up the whole organism. Much like the organs of the body, we are part of the earth’s consciousness and she is the deeper fabric of our consciousness in the web all life that flows through terrestrial and non terrestrial beings.

The corporatisation of the political world has become unethical and careless with it’s responsibility to protecting the planet. Unconsciously, we take on this violence to the earth, internalizing it. We are carrying the burden of responsibility, grief, guilt and loss, especially when we see ecocide unfolding on a daily basis with destruction of the rainforest and pollution of our oceans, some of us have become so de-sensitized to this, which is why the easier option is denial. We need to find ways to heal why we are feeling powerless with the overwhelming crisis that we are living in and we a part of.

Embracing sustainability and ecology is one way to sanity in an insane world

 All life has a consciousness, even plants, until we realise this and take responsibility of our own part in this, we will not be able to save the planet from our harmful actions. We each hold a responsibility to expanding our own consciousness to accept that all life is sacred and intrinsically affected by our actions, even our thoughts, only then will we evolve. Therefore, more than ever human consciousness is an ecological issue. Implementing sustainability and human sovereignty is a human right and need as well as a necessary way for earth’s resources to be managed within nature’s natural carrying capacity.

Many experts and collaborators around the world are working towards reclaiming lost and ancient indigenous knowledge through transformation power of these concepts and how reclaiming the science and spirituality of reclaiming our connection with Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth and Cosmos are a step towards creating and mapping a new more harmonious world and reality. Some ways to embrace and heal are to learn about plant teachers through medicinal plant medicine based retreats in the Rainforest or an appropriate location with a highly experienced Indigenous Shaman. Other ways to reconnect with nature is simply being in nature as much as one possibly can.

Further research and food for thought

All life has electrical impulses running through it and the earth has unseen energy lines made up of electrical currents that provide a global electrical circuit of energy line much like human energy meridians that 8000 year old Chinese medicine is founded upon. Hugh Newman has been doing some interesting research on these electrical energy currents around the globe and how the ancients developed technologies using ancient stone structures to make use of this energy for the fertility of plant seedlings and increasing crop yields, he has developed some interesting theories and ideas that connect to human and earth consciousness.

Further studies by Dr Masuru Emoto show how human thoughts and emotions has a dramatic effect on water crystals, he took photographs using a high definition microscope of water whilst it was being exposed to intense human emotions, he has also performed similar scientific experiences with rice and how human thought affects the composition over a period of time on organic substances. As we are made up of 65 percent water, you can become conscious of how your thought forms affect biological systems including your own body, water stores and reflects conscious energy. You can read more about Dr Emotos work by visiting his website here

Native American Medicine Wheel Healing also shows that human consciousness with intent can heal the earth and even affect earth changes, Blue Thunder is a Medicine Wheel Healer and his work is well known and demonstrates how powerful human intent is if used in a healing ritual process around some of the most powerful meridian energy ley lines on earth. Below you can listen to a presentation given by Blue Thunder on how Medicine Wheel healing works and affects earth changes and ley lines. (Links to the work of Blue Thunder here, an interview with Blue Thunder,  and  Blue Thunder’s site)

Evolve to Ecology

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