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Depression is not a Disease but an Indication that Human Consciousness needs to Change

Robin Williams

What Dreams May Come-Robin Williams  RIP

After hearing the sad news of Robin Williams and his suspected suicide, I am really tired of hearing some people refer to depression as a ‘disease’. It is not a disease, but more chemical and emotional imbalance of the brain, normally affected by long-term stress, deep trauma or grief, for some it is difficult to diagnose the root cause. Here is a good article written by Dr John Grohol on defining Depression for those of you that are insistent on calling it a ”disease”.

 Furthermore,  should it really be referred to as a ‘mental illness’ either? Through my research and personal experiences, depression is an understandable psychological reaction to the stress and violent deformities of the modern world.

I have tried a number of conventional and non-conventional methods to treat my own depression and I feel the most valuable activities are spending time in nature or in the company of animals, rather than people, writing and creating and being as honest with one’s self and others as possible.

Obviously, getting to the root of possible triggers and root issues such as recovering from anger, trauma, grief are examples that are the root cause of the problem. Diseases like cancer or diabetes are not cured in this way.

 People whom suffer from depression are usually highly aware and sensitive folk that are creatively gifted  or perceptive in some way. As a result they are people that find it difficult to feel normal in a society that places value on things that are leading humanity and the environment to destruction. People that suffer from depression find it difficult to connect with others on a personal level and mostly they are simply overwhelmed and disheartened by the amount of injustice, destruction, greed, cruelty and abuse that goes on in an increasingly hostile world.

A number of other environmental scientists such as Dr Stephan Harding, a deep ecologist like myself, see the value in needing to restore our lost connection with Earth and understand that we are all part of one greater consciousness. Deep Ecologists will tell you that there is something wrong with you if you are not profoundly saddened or depressed by the state of things at the moment. We are living in the sixth greatest mass extinction, we are killing off the last of the dolphins, whales, tigers, great apes, elephants, rhinos, insects, bees,  amphibians, destroying the oceans, ripping apart the last of the Rainforests and indigenous people, we are seeing the largest scale ecocides and genocides.  The amount of torture and abuse that our fellow creatures suffer at our hands is just overwhelming, let alone the killing, torturing, abusing and trafficking of women and children en mass worldwide, innocent victims of insane wars, exploitation and slavery.

It is important to understand the psychological impact of the current ensuing chaos worldwide, as we now also have the internet and technologies that bring such information into our awareness. Some of the emotions we feel with depression are a collective conscious reaction to this daily violence and exploitation, along with grieving our severed connection with mother earth and our lost ancient knowledge of whom we are and where we have come from. The ill-usion of separation has created a very ill world. Anyone that is not affected by this should go into therapy and be diagnosed as mentally ill, not those of us that are acutely aware of what is unfolding around us.

We have been made to feel nothing more than commodities, whom need to be obedient and our only value is as consumers and as obliging wage slaves, whose taxes go to destructive exploits. Our human rights are being fast eroded and many of us cannot even imagine a different world.  It is a challenge to imagine that we can rise above these lower vibrations. There are still ways we can become self empowered sovereign beings. There are ways we can create a more harmonious and sustainable world without predatory imperialism and it’s destructive force that has driven this rise in depression and suicide worldwide, even among those regarded as the most privileged. This is an obvious testimony among those of us that are empathic and compassionate beings, that humanity needs to change.

We must begin to learn our value as human beings, as part of a larger global community that is working towards change in the midst of all this chaos. We can begin to reclaim our connection with earth in various ways through growing food communally, rebuilding and re-inventing new communities and a transparency in our relationships, in  government institutions, in society. Teaching and establishing new value systems in societies and communities, with emphasis on  the value and practice of unconditional love, kindness and acceptance, rather than status, idealised perfection and elitism, which are all forms of violence and repression on the human psyche.

I personally draw a lot of strength from the work of Jeff Foster and Matt Licata, Jeff Foster has an interesting explanation of depression being a sign of needing Deep Rest from it all. Being someone in need of deep rest myself  after working for ten years in environmental conservation,I can vouch for this. However, current society would rather say there is something wrong with people like us, than admit that society itself is malfunctioning, not serving humanity but serving an elite few and there it is corrupt to the core. It is modern society that needs to be treated for mental illness, especially the psychopaths and paedophiles holding power in government, religious institutions and monarchy.

Accepting our humanity is key in healing, accepting it is okay to feel broken, deep sadness and the spectrum of emotions that bring us the gifts of questions and answers in the form of truth. It is time for humanity to question its actions upon earth and ourselves. It is  time to be totally honest and say ‘fuck it’, I need to allow myself to fall apart into the dark hollow and just allow these emotions to flow through, to just be free to feel what comes through, it’s not normal to keep marching on while a war on consciousness is ensuing, the pressures from others, from society which is dictating more and more how people should conform and not make their own choices.

The subtle violence of what society calls normality is disturbing enough and so is what is expected of people to conform in such an environment. Enough to drive someone with depression, to suicide, because they see it as the only means of relief and peace out of an unpeaceful world that currently denies most people their humanity.

I have lost several good friends to suicide and I understand how it feels to be that despaired. However, I am fortunate enough to be constantly reminded of the love surrounding me and so I try to pull through best I can even at the worst times, so as to stay here for those that love me and it’s not easy to do at times. Being as honest with one’s self and others as possible is important,  we are not robots, we are not machines. Being in nature, being creative, painting, writing, singing, making things, developing projects that contribute to a better and more harmonious world, playing music, getting involved in a community project, doing something that aids deep relaxation, meditation or trance, banging a drum, all can help bring us more into the moment and reconnect us with the joy that comes from just being.

 Reaching out as much as possible to friends and family, without feeling humiliated or the stigma that is carried with the label ‘depression’ and the negative phrases that go with it, mental illness, mental disease. Krishnamurti was right “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Inner work is really important for all of us, not just those of us suffering from depression, but those of us suffering from denial also.

by  C.Shaw

Further useful links

Jeff Foster Links

Matt Licata

Dr Stephan Harding

Dr John Grohol

Exploring Consciousness & Changing Human Awareness for Ecological Harmony. By Carlita Shaw


Art work Amazon Speaking by Carlita Shaw 2012,

Art work Amazon Speaking by Carlita Shaw 2012,

Deep Ecology or Gaia Consciousness is the Ecology of our internal emotional and mental state and how this is creating our external environment. Do you have a deep unrest? A feeling of being unfulfilled, deepening apathy, depression, loss, anxiety and despair. Perhaps this is rooted society’s belief that we are separate from nature? It is understandable considering the current world situation. Anyone that is not deeply saddened by current global events are either in denial or very disconnected from the Earth and their true nature. Many of us are going through different stages of this not realizing these are symptoms of the collective consciousness, a reaction to the world in its current state. We may think that these feelings of frustration, anger, grief and depression are a reflection of personal problems but they are not, the bigger picture is that these symptoms are indications that something is deeply wrong with modern society. The toxicity and predatory nature of modern capitalism has created these symptoms in our collective unconscious.

Wellness & Sustainability has become increasingly important to many of us, and our rights to this are being rapidly eroded by predatory capitalism. We are our environment, therefore healing ourselves and creating inner peace creates outer peace for the planet, this concept has arisen out of our realization we need to re-create a cohesion between Human Wellness & Earth Wellness, basically human ecology is intrinsically connected to the Earth’s Ecology. This is the Ecology of Reclaiming our Connection not only with Earth but with the Cosmos and Universal Consciousness. We can no longer compartmentalize the healing work that lay within the human psyche as separate to healing nature or healing the human being. We must unite both areas of healing, the outward pollution of our planet is a mere reflection of the inner pollution of human consciousness.

Jose Arguilles said ”that it is not earth that needs saving, it’s humanity that needs to save itself from itself.”

Intergrating ecological economics and sustainability into education, politics and society is part of this solution. We now must seek equilibrium inside. Ecological devastation and human devastation are two sides of the same global disease, which can only be correctly understood and overcome by being viewed as parts of a whole ecology of living that has been functioning out of balance and now seeks equilibrium, if we are to survive with the planet. We must now seek equilibrium inside.

”Repression of the ecological unconscious is the deepest root of many of the psychological, social, ecological, spiritual, and physical problems in contemporary industrial society. Ecocidal policies do not only attack and devastate ‘external’ nature but our ‘internal’ natures as well. This is why deep ecology is about ‘Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind”- Theodore Roszak

Deep Ecology and Ecopsychology are ways to explore the essence of the anger and grief that many of us are feeling with the destruction that our predatory capitalistic society is causing. By embracing a more sustainable and ecological life we create self empowerment, confidence, self nurturing, inner nourishment and inner peace. The ecological unconscious where our natural feelings of connection to the world of nature and other organisms rest, are connected to what the biologist E.O. Wilson calls ‘biophilia’.

James Lovelock used to work for NASA and during the 1960s started working on the Gaia Hypothesis, this showed scientifically and ecologically that Earth is an organism made up of ecological units that act synchronistically to create this super organism, we all affect the super organism anthropogenically and via our inner consciousness.

Video of plant communication experiment

Dr. Ashok Khosla president of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has taken this study a step further to bring peoples attention to how deeply intrinsically human consciousness affects all life on this planet with scientific experiments on plants.

Consciousness is an ecological issue because we need to evolve human consciousness to understand that all life on earth has a consciousness, just as powerful as our own and we all share this connection.

How does the electro-magnetic plant device work? Based upon a device originally developed by Volney Mathison back in the 1940’s, it works by using a wheatstone bridge, which is an incredibly sensitive circuit that can detect the slightest change – in this case, electrical resistance. Like others before them, Esperide and Formica are measuring the minute resistance of electrical currents within plants and trees. These currents are one-one millionth of an electrical volt. (All living organisms, whether mammals, amphibians, or plants, have electrical currents running through them. In humans, the brain communicates through the nervous system to control organs, limbs, sight, etc, using weak electrical charges.) As recounted by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in their 1973 book ”The Secret Life of Plants”, several different scientists had conducted such experiments-

”You connect two receivers, one to the root of the plant and the second to a leaf. They then connect the meter to a trigger, a voltage-controlled synthesizer or similar midi device. The change in the plant’s electrical resistance controls the pitch, volume and filtering.

Research has found that the plants react depending upon their surroundings. Light, water, sound, and even emotional energy within a room all cause significant alterations to the plant’s electrical current. As Dr Ashok Khosla, explains in the video, each plant also has its own unique sound, or its own song, and in turn reacts to the sounds it is creating. They even respond to how you treat them.

Norman Lederman was the true pioneer of this device putting on the world’s first live plant concert in quadrophonic sound, at the Kreeger Music Building’s McDonald Recital Hall back on April 17th, 1974. (Link

All Life is a Web of Interconnected Electro Magnetic Energy Fields

The Heart Math Institute has shown how the human heart and brain act as radio transmitters and receivers affecting and being affected by other energy fields, we emit a large toroidal energy field generated from our heart beating and we are affected by Electro Magnetic Energy of the synthetic and organic kind, everything is made up of electromagnetic energy and everything generates an electromagnetic field. We are even affected by synthetic electromagnetic energy given out by mobile phone towers and satellite systems, it has been shown in recent scientific studies that the cells of plants and trees are negatively affected by signals from mobile phones and phone towers . The electromagnetic waves of present communication systems are affecting wildlife in many detrimental ways, including the navigational abilities of birds and bees,

When we look at how everything alive has an intelligent consciousness flowing through it, we can start to embrace deep ecology and discover we need to reconnect with the earth, with ancient indigenous concepts we can begin to heal the more fundamental alienation between our lost connection with the natural environment and our ancient tribal knowledge. We as humans can re-establish this relationship with nature and cosmos are one being, not separate entities, this is a true form of spiritual rebirth.

Deep Ecology concepts are the re-evaluation of certain modern concepts born from our belief we are separate from nature, we have become so disconnected we feel we have a right to dominant and rape the earth and as if we are alien to it, this is where we need to heal the masculine energies and merge then with the insights of the ancient and lost sacred feminine energies In addition to seeing Earth as a consciousness made up of ecological units that make up the whole organism. Much like the organs of the body, we are part of the earth’s consciousness and she is the deeper fabric of our consciousness in the web all life that flows through terrestrial and non terrestrial beings.

The corporatisation of the political world has become unethical and careless with it’s responsibility to protecting the planet. Unconsciously, we take on this violence to the earth, internalizing it. We are carrying the burden of responsibility, grief, guilt and loss, especially when we see ecocide unfolding on a daily basis with destruction of the rainforest and pollution of our oceans, some of us have become so de-sensitized to this, which is why the easier option is denial. We need to find ways to heal why we are feeling powerless with the overwhelming crisis that we are living in and we a part of.

Embracing sustainability and ecology is one way to sanity in an insane world

 All life has a consciousness, even plants, until we realise this and take responsibility of our own part in this, we will not be able to save the planet from our harmful actions. We each hold a responsibility to expanding our own consciousness to accept that all life is sacred and intrinsically affected by our actions, even our thoughts, only then will we evolve. Therefore, more than ever human consciousness is an ecological issue. Implementing sustainability and human sovereignty is a human right and need as well as a necessary way for earth’s resources to be managed within nature’s natural carrying capacity.

Many experts and collaborators around the world are working towards reclaiming lost and ancient indigenous knowledge through transformation power of these concepts and how reclaiming the science and spirituality of reclaiming our connection with Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth and Cosmos are a step towards creating and mapping a new more harmonious world and reality. Some ways to embrace and heal are to learn about plant teachers through medicinal plant medicine based retreats in the Rainforest or an appropriate location with a highly experienced Indigenous Shaman. Other ways to reconnect with nature is simply being in nature as much as one possibly can.

Further research and food for thought

All life has electrical impulses running through it and the earth has unseen energy lines made up of electrical currents that provide a global electrical circuit of energy line much like human energy meridians that 8000 year old Chinese medicine is founded upon. Hugh Newman has been doing some interesting research on these electrical energy currents around the globe and how the ancients developed technologies using ancient stone structures to make use of this energy for the fertility of plant seedlings and increasing crop yields, he has developed some interesting theories and ideas that connect to human and earth consciousness.

Further studies by Dr Masuru Emoto show how human thoughts and emotions has a dramatic effect on water crystals, he took photographs using a high definition microscope of water whilst it was being exposed to intense human emotions, he has also performed similar scientific experiences with rice and how human thought affects the composition over a period of time on organic substances. As we are made up of 65 percent water, you can become conscious of how your thought forms affect biological systems including your own body, water stores and reflects conscious energy. You can read more about Dr Emotos work by visiting his website here

Native American Medicine Wheel Healing also shows that human consciousness with intent can heal the earth and even affect earth changes, Blue Thunder is a Medicine Wheel Healer and his work is well known and demonstrates how powerful human intent is if used in a healing ritual process around some of the most powerful meridian energy ley lines on earth. Below you can listen to a presentation given by Blue Thunder on how Medicine Wheel healing works and affects earth changes and ley lines. (Links to the work of Blue Thunder here, an interview with Blue Thunder,  and  Blue Thunder’s site)

Evolve to Ecology

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El Ecocidio en Silencio

Gustavo. Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand. Evolve to Ecology.

Gustavo. Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand. Evolve to Ecology.

Mientras muchos personas están comprensiblemente distraído por la guerra y el genocidio que se desarrolla en Gaza y Ucrania, la selva tropical de Ecuador en silencio está siendo destruido en una escala épica.

Petroamazonas, una empresa nacional de petróleo es ahora responsable de uno de los mayores derrames de petróleo terrestre sólo ha tenido lugar en uno de los lugares con mayor biodiversidad del mundo, más de 600 000 barriles de petróleo crudo han contaminado varios ríos de la Amazonía, ríos que cuatro tribus indígenas dependen a para la pesca, bañarse y beber. Algunas de estas comunidades todavía se están recuperando del derrame de petróleo de Chevron hace veinte años. Ahora, el crudo ha llegado a la Reserva Faunística Cuyabeno y tres semanas más tarde, no se han tomado medidas por el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Ecuador.

En 2008, Ecuador se convirtió en el primer país en incluir los Derechos de la Naturaleza en su Constitución, sin embargo, esto fue completamente ignorado, ya pesar de los intentos de Yasunidos y activistas ambientales internacionales se unen para pedir un referéndum de varios meses atrás, el resultado fue que el gobierno Ecuatoriano negó la petición después de la manipulación y la destrucción de 800.000 firmas de las peticiones que se recogieron, la solicitud internacional fue simplemente ignorado y la perforación se inició a principios de este mes de junio en el Parque Nacional Yasuní.

Presidente Correa hizo falsas promesas hace varios años para mantener el petróleo en el suelo por una suma imposible de dinero de la comunidad internacional, sin embargo, el gobierno ecuatoriano tuvo al mismo tiempo prometido a China acceso al petróleo bajo el parque nacional Yasuní.

Los grupos indígenas de Ecuador han sido reconocidos por las Naciones Unidas en los que existe un acuerdo no vinculante, que da a los grupos indígenas en Ecuador la oportunidad de defender su vida, la tierra y la cultura. Garantizada en toda la Declaración es el derecho a un proceso de “consentimiento libre, previo e informado” de los pueblos indígenas frente a las decisiones, proyectos o legislación que pueda afectar a sus personas y / o territorio. Artículo 57, punto 7, de la Constitución de Ecuador 2008 garantiza la consulta libre, previa e informada, dentro de un plazo razonable; sin embargo, esto no requiere el consentimiento (y no es vinculante). El artículo 82 se refiere expresamente a la consulta del medio ambiente, en el caso de una decisión estatal que pueda afectar al medio ambiente, y especifica la información amplia y oportuna a los afectados. Sin embargo, incluso si hay una mayoría de oposición al proyecto en cuestión, aún puede llevarse a cabo con la condición de que el impacto en las personas afectadas y el ecosistema se reduce al mínimo (art. 83).

Ha sido sólo un corto período de tiempo que la perforación ha comenzado y ya estamos viendo ecocidio irreversible a gran escala, que es probable que obtenga mucho peor si las comunidades internacionales no intervienen ahora. Para añadir aún más interés a este horror, hay varios pueblos indígenas no contactados en el Parque Nacional Yasuní que son extremadamente vulnerables a las enfermedades y el desplazamiento traumático de la invasión de sus territorios por las compañías petroleras. Los científicos han calculado que hay sólo veinte años de suministro de petróleo que queda bajo el suelo en Ecuador. Por lo tanto, tenemos que estar buscando en soluciones sostenibles en lugar de la ganancia a corto plazo que va a crear un impacto a largo plazo de la devastación ambiental y posible colapso económico cuando el aceite se ha ido.

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A Silent Ecocide

Gustavo. Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand. Evolve to Ecology.

Gustavo. Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand. Evolve to Ecology.

While many are quite understandably distracted by the war and genocide unfolding in Gaza and the Ukraine, the rainforest of Ecuador is quietly being destroyed on an epic scale.

Petroamazonas, a national Oil Company is now responsible for one of the largest terrestrial oil spill’s that has just taken place in one of the world’s most biodiverse hotspots, over 600,000 barrels of crude oil have contaminated several rivers in the Amazon, rivers that four indigenous tribes depend upon for fishing, bathing and drinking. Some of these communities are still recovering from the Chevron oil spill twenty years ago. Now, the crude oil has reached Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and three weeks later, no action has been taken by the Ecuadorian environmental ministry.

In 2008, Ecuador became the first country to include Rights for Nature in it’s Constitution, however this been completely ignored and despite the attempts of and international environmental activists uniting to request a referendum several months back, the result was that the Ecuadorian government denied the request after tampering and destroying 800,000 signature petitions that were collected, the international request was simply ignored and drilling commenced earlier this June in Yasuni National Park.

President Correa made false promises several years ago to keep the oil in the soil for an impossible sum of money from the international community, however the Ecuadorian government had at the same time promised China access to oil under Yasuni national park.

Indigenous groups in Ecuador have been recognized under the United Nations to which there exists a non-binding agreement, which gives indigenous groups in Ecuador the chance to defend their lives, land, and culture. Guaranteed throughout the Declaration is the right to a process of “Free, Prior and Informed Consent” for indigenous peoples when faced with decisions, projects, or legislation that may affect their people and/or territory.  Article 57, point 7 of the 2008 Constitution of Ecuador guarantees free, prior and informed consultation, within a reasonable period; however, this does not require consent (and is not binding). Article 82 refers explicitly to environmental consultation, in the case of a state decision which might affect the environment, and specifies broad and timely information for those affected. However, even if there is a majority opposing the project in question, it may still be carried out on the condition that the impact on those affected and the ecosystem is minimised (art. 83 see this link for further details on the Ecuadorian Constitution)

It has only been a short time that drilling has commenced and already we are looking at large scale irreversible ecocide which is likely to get far worse if the international communities do not intervene now. To add further concern to this horror, there are several uncontacted tribes in Yasuni National Park that are extremely vulnerable to disease upon contact and traumatic displacement upon invasion of their territories by Oil companies. Scientists have estimated there is only twenty years supply of oil left under the soil in Ecuador. Therefore, we need to be looking at sustainable solutions in place of short-term gain that will create long-term impact of environmental devastation and possible economic collapse when the oil has gone.

By Evolve to Ecology.

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Yasunidos Signatures Rejected.

yasunidos rejected

Domingo Paredes, The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE ) announced today , May 6 , the collective Yasunidos only reached 359,761 valid signatures in the last stage of verification process for the query to prevent oil drilling in Yasuni National Park, as a result the request will have no effect. There is no justification for the CNE to disqualify 500 000 of the other signatures collected by Yasunidos ” One of the things we know is that the boxes of the forms were moved and tampered with by the military and government officials without the presence of a Notary” said a Yasunidos spokesperson.

military stole and tampered with  yasuni signatures.

According Yasunidos , the fact that the authorities did not give a clear answer from the results of this process shows that there is a smear campaign . Yasunidos places an assembly at Ecology Action is next on the agenda, to defend their positions against the statements the CNE issued.

This content was originally published by Journal TRADE at the following address : If you are considering to use it , please credit the source and then a link to the original note of where you have taken this content .

Evolve to Ecology

Redacción Política 13:44 Martes 06/05/2014 Después de que Domingo Paredes, presidente del Consejo Nacional Electoral(CNE) anunciara hoy, 6 de mayo, que el colectivo Yasunidos sólo alcanzó 359 761 firmas válidas en la última etapa de verificación de rubricas, la consulta para evitar la explotación petrolera en el Parque Nacional Yasuní queda sin efecto. Por tal razón, las reacciones no se han dejado esperar. Patricia Carrión, abogada del colectivo, dijo que el CNE esta desacreditando la imagen de Yasunidos, al decir que existirían firmas que se repitieron más de nueve veces, las mismas que eran de los dirigentes del colectivo. “Es evidente que están poniendo en duda mi imagen al decir que una de las firmas que más se repitieron en los formularios fue la mía”, dijo Carrión. También aseguró que el hecho de que se repita una o dos veces una firma no es justificación para descalificar a 500 000, o que una persona firme con gráficos o algo similar tampoco es razón para que sea anulada. “Una de las cosas que pensamos es que hubo manipulación en las cajas de los formularios. Cuando se abrieron en el local del ex Comisariato del Ejército, en el norte de Quito, no se volvieron a cerrar. No tuvimos control por las noches de lo que estaba sucediendo con las cajas” comento la vocera. Según Yasunidos, el hecho que las autoridades no den una respuesta clara de los resultados de este proceso es porque existe una campaña sucia. El colectivo prepara una asamblea en Acción Ecológica está tarde, para defender sus posiciones frente a las declaraciones de autoridades del CNE.

Este contenido ha sido publicado originalmente por Diario EL COMERCIO en la siguiente dirección: Si está pensando en hacer uso del mismo, por favor, cite la fuente y haga un enlace hacia la nota original de donde usted ha tomado este contenido. ElComer

Evolve to Ecology

Los funcionarios del gobierno y militares roban firmas Yasuni


Yasuni- Muy importante, por favor, comparta por todas partes, tenemos que exponer la profunda corrupción en el gobierno que está tratando de detener nuestra lucha para salvar Yasuní

¡Que no nos quede duda, alcanzamos las firmas! Es evidente que los ecuatorianos y ecuatorianas queremos consulta popular para mantener el crudo en el subsuelo del Yasuní/ITT.

Presentamos 757.623 firmas en 107.088 formularios; cada una representa el sueño de una persona y en muchos casos de una familia entera. Entregamos 1.275 copias de cédulas de identidad; cada una nos habla del esfuerzo de un joven, de una mujer, de un ecuatoriano/na, que no sólo firmó por la vida, sino que también recogió firmas por ésta. 

No obstante, algunos hechos ocurridos dentro del Consejo Nacional Electoral pone en duda el principio de fe y rigurosidad con que el CNE está verificando el sueño de 757.623 ecuatorianos; sin contar con aquellos que no pudieron firmar.

Manipularon, sin autorización de un notario u observancia de Yasunidos, la caja que contenía las cédulas de los responsables de los formularios; cada una de estas cédulas permite la aceptación de cientos y miles de firmas. Inmediatamente Yasunidos denunció que habían desaparecido no 10, sino 192 cédulas de recolectores. Posteriormente, algunas de las cédulas reaparecieron pero con una codificación distinta a la original, en ese momento sellaron la caja con la presencia repentina de la notaria. Entre las copias de cédulas entregadas por Yasunidos no habían repetidas, las carpetas fueron foliadas y verificadas con el personal del CNE, pero después de la apertura de la caja aparecieron varias cédulas repetidas cubriendo el número de las faltantes, por lo que esta cantidad puede corresponder al acta, más no a lo originalmente entregada.

Esta fue la razón por la cual integrantes del colectivo se opusieron a que empiece un proceso sin garantías y con semejantes irregularidades. Sin embargo, al día siguiente se trasladaron las firmas a un recinto militar sin la autorización del colectivo y sin responder por qué habían roto la cadena de custodia sin la presencia de los proponentes o de un notario. 
Todo esto pone en duda las garantías con las cuales serán revisadas las firmas recogidas legítimamente con un principio de buena fe que el CNE ha roto.


Insistiremos con la participación del colectivo; hemos pedido la presencia de una veeduría nacional e internacional para acompañar un proceso de verificación que empezó mal pero que debe enderezarse.

Somos receptores de la voluntad de más de 757.000 personas y no les vamos a fallar, VAMOS A DEFENDER CADA UNA DE LAS FIRMAS con todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance.

¿Qué podemos hacer los firmantes? 

• Solicitar en cualquier juzgado que se proteja tu firma.
• Ser parte de la campaña “Defiende tu Firma”, enviando mails, tuits, escribiendo mensajes, pancartas, participando en las zapateadas, foros, etc.
• Difundir este comunicado por todos los medios posibles.
• Pero sobre todo no perdamos de vista el horizonte: mantener vivo el Yasuní.




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Ecuadorian Government and military officials steal Yasuni Signatures


Government and military officials in Ecuador stole Yasuni signatures, many boxes have been tampered with and replaced with invalid fakes, the boxes were opened without the presence of the notary officials illegally. How deep does this corruption go?

Yasuni – Very important , please share everywhere, we have to expose the deep corruption in the government that is trying to stop our fight to save Yasuní

Let there be no doubt us , we reach the signatures goal ! Clearly Ecuadorians want referendum to keep oil underground in Yasuní / ITT .

Yasunidos presented over 757, 623 signatures on forms ; each represents the dream of a person and in many cases an entire family. Delivered 1,275 copies of identity cards ; each speaks of the efforts of a young man, a woman, an Ecuadorian , signed not only for life, but they also did their part in collecting signatures for this .

However, some events within the National Electoral Council questions the principle of faith and rigor with which the CNE is not verifying the dream of 757,623 Ecuadorians .

Signatures were tampered with illegally without notary officials present or enforcement of Yasunidos , the boxes containing the ballots of those responsible for the forms; each of these bonds allows the acceptance of hundreds of thousands of signatures. Immediately Yasunidos reported that 10 boxes had disappeared . Subsequently, some of the bonds reappeared but with an encoding different from the originals, in resealed the boxes. Among the copies of ballots delivered by Yasunidos had not repeated , the folders were numbered and checked with the staff of CNE , but after opening the boxes were several repeated bonds covering the number of those missing , so this amount may correspond the minutes , but not as originally delivered.

This was the reason why members of the group opposed to start a process with no guarantees and similar irregularities. However, the next day the signatures were moved to a military area without authorization from the collective and there was no answer as to why they had broken the chain of custody without the presence of bidders or a notary.

All this calls into question the guarantees with a principle of good faith that the CNE has broken .

Yasunidos insist on the participation of the collective ; We have asked the presence of national and international oversight to accompany a verification process that started badly but that should be straightened out.

We are recipients of the will of over 757,000 people and we will not fail them.

What can we do for the signatories ?

• Order in any court that their signature is protected.
• Being part of the ” Defend Your Signature” , sending mails, tweets , writing messages, banners , participating in zapateadas , forums, etc. .
• Disseminate this statement by all possible means.
• Above all, do not lose sight of the horizon : keeping Yasuní alive and protected.



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Yasuni signatures lay in suspense


Saturday 12th of April, Yasunidos, present 756 000 signatures in the CNE.Photo- Eduardo terán / El Comercio

Signatures collected to protect Yasuni National Park from Oil exploitation lay in suspense whilst waiting for approval and funds to cover costs for Consejo National Electoral to validate them, there is also only a time period of 15 days to validate them.

 The Front Total Amazon Defense of Yasunidos , gave their relevant headings to 5% of the electoral roll to request a vote that the government preserve Yasuni ITT and keeps the oil underground. The signatures were submitted on Saturday.

President Raphael Correa doubts that Yasunidos reached complete signatures, he estimated 30 percent cannot be validated. If they pass this phase for collective signatures, the next step will wait be for the Constitutional Court rule on the legal validity of the questions. If the Court finds that one or all three questions are not constitutional, this process will take more than six months time lapse. “It would be a mockery for Ecuadorians” said Jorge Espinosa of Yasunidos.

                 ‘But given that we pass the signature validation phase, this would be the first time that the CNE is put in front of an order emanating from the will of citizens”.

All referendums , since 2007, have been at the initiative of President Rafael Correa. The CNE has not defined how much the validation and consultation would cost, because there was no certainty that the signatures will be accepted. In three referendums since 2007, costs ranged between USD 31 and 36 million. On this basis It has been estimated that the CNE Yasuni ITT signature validation will cost : USD 790 525.93 for technology spending, personal ( about 300 people are receiving training ) , transportation , logistics, etc. This sum of costs needs to be explained further by the government.  Does this mean that these signatures will not be processed if the costs are not met, what is the fate of the referendum? How will it be affected and ignored, if there is a lack of funds to cover such huge estimates. The fate of Yasuni ITT and the rest of the Ecuadorian Amazon is still unsecured.

Source translated from El Comercio Ecuador at the following address :


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Correa loses his first battle against the Ecuadorian environmentalists


Photo credit EFE – Huaorani Indians in the march that preceded the submission of signatures for referendum on oil exploration.


Environmentalists in Ecuador have succeeded in raising over 700,000 signatures against the oil exploitation of Yasuni to demand a referendum.

The first global attempt to avoid exploitation of the largest protected reserve in the world failed eight months ago. After six years of hard fighting , the president of Ecuador , Rafael Correa, announced in August the death of the Yasuni ITT Initiative , an original commitment proposed by the Andean country to leave underground 920 million barrels of oil valued at 18,000 million in exchange for 3,600 million dollars that the international community should provide . But it was a failure . “The world has failed us ,” said a dejected day Correa announced the demise of the project.

Since then, the political atmosphere of Ecuador has been fraught with conflict . The alarm went off in February when Alianza País , the president’s party suffered the biggest electoral setback since coming to power in 2006 . “Clearly the issue of Yasuní has taken its toll but it is not alone. The point is that the right wing of the party has done much of the executive power and influence to break with the social movements that led to the birth of the Citizen Revolution , “a university professor who prefers to hide his name.

These social organizations have become a big stone in the shoe of the Government. A few weeks ago , hundreds of people marched through the streets of Quito demanding the decriminalization of abortion law strictly prohibitive in a country where the influence of the Church remains capital. However, the most incisive urban activism has grown around the collective Yasunidos , a conglomerate of environmental organizations about who have rained criticism as they dared to question the reasons for Correa on “necessary evil” which is finalize the Yasuní Initiative .

“Do not be vague , collect signatures if they have so much support ,” said the president on more than one occasion to refer to this collective crusade to force a consultation on the project announced by the Government. The campaign has spread across the country with the sole purpose of collecting the signatures of at least 5 % of the electorate . At the expense of the official verification that begin Monday , has amassed 727,947 , 145,000 more than required headings for the National Assembly to convene a referendum.

Roque Sevilla was the first president of the technical committee of the ITT Initiative until January 2010 and is convinced that the query is not held . The reason adduced is that this holding ” is linked to the construction of the Pacific Refinery , a work of which $ 12 million will be profitable only processing heavy crude oil from the ITT. ” When I was chairman of the committee , I made ​​a presentation of the origin of 100,000 barrels which would need to run the refinery and have the documents that proves so “he says.

A global perspective

Daniel Ortega is the representative of Ecuador to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC) and an environmental expert who knows almost every inch , valleys and rivers National Park, and the fatal traps lush jungle to get lost is easy. In his view, the debate should be analyzed from a broader perspective : “Criticism is not Yasuní yes or no, but what is done to curb avoidable emissions that cause global warming, why rich countries do nothing to reduce consumption of natural resources but require investments to the poor. ”

Ortega stressed that the international commitment of the Government of Ecuador is in renewable energy to not depend on oil. “But without international collaboration without touching the Yasuni oil is very difficult to articulate . I say with a broken heart “he says.

However , doubts extraction project presented are broader . Correa has ensured that the industrial impact ” only affect 1 per 1.000″ of the protected area and the controls will be ” permanent and relentless .”

One of the promoters of the Yasuni ITT Initiative fiercely critical of this decision as Alberto Acosta has raised hackles for their comments against this version of the insignificant cause damage to the project. The former Minister of Energy of the first government of Correa calls ” lies” all promised guarantees ” because there is no technology that can avoid .”

For irritation President Acosta uncovered that seismic exploration will be done by the use of dynamite and in the exploitation of the great water aquifer that supplies a vast jungle area will be used. ” Road construction has already started and the noise will cause the constant helicopter flights will be other factors that end up liquidating a fragile environment like Bohemian crystal ,” he says .

Daniel Ortega censorship of Acosta for this apocalyptic vision ” because besides being inaccurate, it creates a dangerous confusion in public opinion.” Ortega , who has studied the project to be undertaken by the public company Petroecuador , indicates that the social benefits to be gained will far outweigh the damage caused . “It has required the latest technology and has determined that the autonomous governments of the Amazon receive 12% of the surplus of the project ” sentence.

Despite intense campaigning by the government in recent months , the movement against the exploitation of the reserve has grown unabated . Hundreds of people joined Saturday Yasunidos collective symbolic delivery of the firms in the CNE. The atmosphere was mourning, almost silent , even though young people who have defied the strong charisma of Rafael Correa and his publicity machine have won the first phase of the battle. Waorani indigenous people , originating in the Amazon, shared the head of the march with Kichwa , Shuar and Creoles.

The president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities , Humberto Cholango admitted that the Amazonian communities ” prepare to defend the Yasuní actions if the government rejects a query ” and criticized official references to his alleged violence . A month ago , President scorned the campaign collected signatures ensuring that never would achieve and their promoters accused of creating ” the mattress to create incidents.” But none of that has happened but the jungle is alert .

Photo credit EFE – Huaorani Indians in the march that preceded the submission of signatures for referendum on oil exploration.

Evolve to Ecology.

El Dario es.

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The Birth of Solutions


We are living in a time where we are at war with everything in order to preserve our health, our environment, our fellow creatures, our human rights and even fighting for the right to choose how we farm and what we eat, this is literally a war on human survival and human consciousness, a war pushed upon us by the oligarchy, a war that we were blindly coerced and trapped into, yet as voluntarily supporters, as willing slaves.

Many people I know are feeling overwhelmed by current world events, some feel that the global level of political corruption is so deep that there is nothing we can do to change things, these people will often use the words ‘us’ and ‘them’, them being the oligarchy, the control system, or many know them as secret societies such as the Illuminati. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you become aware of these issues. This is something I understand. My background is primarily as an Environmental scientist, I too, at times felt overwhelmed and know that the level of environmental devastation, animal and human exploitation is not something we can easily change after dedicating my whole life to this field and seen very few triumphs.

However, I now see things entirely differently and those that follow my writing or my podcast will know I often refer to this situation as an environmental crisis reflecting the crisis of human consciousness.

So, I offer some thoughts for those that feel helpless or overwhelmed and I suggest you explore some links below and or listen to my latest podcast ”Awakened Imagination”, for further support, which can be found on my site over at Sailing Beyond Knowledge at Podomatic.

If we keep affirming a victim mentality with believing ‘they have ultimate control’, it is only our conditioned victim mentality that gives ‘them’ such powers. It is definitely a daily discipline to decondition oneself from the victim frame of thinking, it is a deep conditioning that we all have been playing a part of.

The current ‘control system’ is only operating from one tiny low vibrational field of consciousness, which is limited by our belief that ‘they’ are all powerful, however, ‘they’ are only motivated by their fear of us realizing the truth and their arrogance that they are more powerful than the natural course of evolution which is taking place now, it will take each of us to realize we are co-creating the reality we are experiencing.

This control system that wants us to feel diminished and helpless cannot control a human being that realizes s/he is no longer a victim in the new reality, whilst we discover we are unlimited multisensory beings that can shape our own reality because we are part of a multidimensional universe which is infinite and ever changing. The environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness, though consciousness is changing in the face of destruction.


We are forming a global tribe of caring, conscious and active beings, doing many important things to focus on the solutions to move into a new paradigm of conscious living aligned with planetary and universal harmony. Our ”tribe” of conscious caring beings is now gathering momentum in the millions, things are changing. It is a crucial time to take your attention away from what the corrupt system is doing and focus with intention using your mind and your heart on what you want to see the world change too, for earth and for your children. By doing this, we can terraform the future survival of humanity with intention, imagine the world you want to live in, this itself is powerful if enough of us are using our intention to open doors to manifest a new reality on many levels.

We have to embrace any opportunity we can to be sustainable, live in or work with sustainable communities off the grid that are growing in number worldwide, move somewhere you can easily access the land and work with other communities to grow food, if you live in a city,  support organic and sustainable communities, get involved in some active way. From my own sources I know of incredible things happening, more and more people are using alternative energy devices at different locations around the world for their communities.

Humans are extremely resilient, the Gaia consciousness of the earth is too, she is very strong. So I ask those of you that feel defeated and powerless to realize that there is still hope, hope that lies with the growing millions that carry a new torch. Please try and be positive, at least for all of us if not for yourself, it is what each of us as brothers and sisters of a dying earth owe to  the planet and one another and need to be in order to rebuild a new conscious community and sustainable system. Connect with promising powerful movements with  the millions of people  whom we are working with, very powerful global awakened connections, so put your intent there on solutions, and take your focus away from the darkness, the light needs to gather momentum now, so we can make the change quickly.

Check out the links below including the Ubuntu movement, a growing movement that is also making steps to become a political party in every part of the world, growing in number of supporters, not just in South Africa but in the USA and Europe and there will be one here in South America soon. Ubuntu educates people on human sovereignty and sustainability, they are going to be running political parties world wide. Then check out the New Earth Nation which is busy organizing world wide blueprints for global sustainable communities and education programs they are also collaborating with Ubuntu and the Thrive Movement. These powerful conscious movements need your help and support. This is the birth and foundation of a new way of life for humans born out of destruction. I believe that those of us that are conscious and understand how to become self sufficient will survive.

Nothing stays the same, everything changes. In realizing we are multi-sensory beings and that this reality is a fictional construction dictated to us. Then we are no longer victims to it. If we are able to realize this and many of us are, then ‘their’ attempts to ”control” us is failing miserably which is why ‘they’ are being more intensive with their efforts to curb our evolution of consciousness.

As Quantum Physics is beginning to realize that even the smallest particle is affected by our observation of it, this has been scientifically proven, a particle changes it’s behaviour when we are observing it, the same with trees and plants that have been discovered to communicate on a multi sensory level, when we become aware of them communicating, they respond to that awareness, again, this is because our consciousness is able to change and morph this reality because we are part of the multi-dimensional infinity of divine consciousness. This is not something any elite 1 percent can attempt to control, however hard they try…. how can one control God consciousness? It is simply not possible. This is where the elite show themselves to be ignorant or blinded by their short-sighted addiction to power and limited by existence and will stay trapped in a low vibrational field that they have built for themselves to exist in that cannot be sustained in an infinitely changing universe that we are all affected by.

God consciousness is love, this love wants to be realized in each of us or in each of our souls, this will inevitably happen as we naturally evolve from one level of consciousness to another, from the microcosm, we realize all biological cells work more successfully as a community performing and functioning more efficiently.

We naturally progress to the macrocosm from the microcosm, after the realization that any single cell that becomes self serving and not functioning for the greater good of the whole, will stop evolving and soon whither and die as there is nothing else it is in harmony with. This is why we see so much cancer about at the moment, it’s a manifestation of the malfunctioning deformations we have created as a product of our thinking that we are better off self serving and from the belief system that we are separate from our environment and universe, the macrocosm.

Those cells working as a community evolving to become higher more advanced life forms are sustainable, these life forms have achieved harmony through co-creation. While some self servers malfunction, whither and die off, the harmonious ones are self sustaining and evolving to higher states of consciousness, this natural rule applies to humans too.

We can see this from the beginning of life on earth with the early single cells evolving to our current biodiversity of elaborations of cell communities forming complex and more advanced beings from insects to large mammals and plants such as trees and earth itself as a Gaia. The formation of trillions of co-creating, interacting systems of elaborate biological communities. All in harmony with one another, everything that exists apart from us realizes naturally it is part of an infinite god consciousness, now it’s our turn to do the same.

We are a bit slower because we have allowed ourselves to become conditioned by certain misconceptions such as the idea we are separate from God consciousness or infinity. Some of us are getting there at our own rate and painfully…The ultimate change from this paradigm to a more harmonious one may not happen in our life times but it is an inevitability, not stoppable. It is part of our mission to evolve to higher states of consciousness, which is the microcosmic seed. Remember God is Love and wants us to realize we are part of this infinite co-creation.

We have the opportunity to lay the foundation stone for a new world. Perhaps we needed to create a ‘them’ and ‘us’ illusion to facilitate this realization. However, I personally hope it is no longer at the price of the planet and our fellow creatures misery and suffering or extinction……I have up till now thought that will be the outcome as we are living in the sixth greatest mass extinction of all time. However, I now have a renewed hope and faith as I have had my own personal inner transformation of feeling what I attempt to explain in words here, though words detract from the experience of God being infinite Love, that is a potential seed laying in all of us waiting for each of us to awaken to our ability and power to co-create with the creator, a new and more harmonious reality aligned with Gaia and the Cosmos:-)

Thank you for your attention

With Love from Carlita

Links and Resources

Evolve to Ecology- Information on eco housing, alternative energy, ecological economy, blue prints for sustainability

Sailing Beyond Knowledge

Ubuntu Movement

New Earth Nation

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Free Energy

Breakthrough Energy Movement

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